Shipping + FAQ


In order to get you the great deals at awesome bargain prices, we have in our arsenal a large list of dependable partners who bend over backwards to ensure you get satisfaction for every purchase or deal you get from Reflex Bargain. As a result, we ship directly from our partners' facilities located in various cities including outside the USA. Having to ensure proper coordination means your order(s) may take between 2-4 weeks to arrive. However, rest assured you're in good hands and all of your purchases with us are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  

  • How much is Shipping + Handling?
    • This varies depending on the product ordered, your location, the total weight, and from where we're shipping. You will always know the total cost of Shipping & Handling when you get to your checkout before completing any order.
  • Do you ship to my country?
    • We generally offer WORLDWIDE SHIPPING for most of our orders (if a product does not ship to your country, it will be stated on the product detail page) so it's very likely we can ship to your country including UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and more!
  • How long does it take for an order to arrive?
    • We ALWAYS state the expected wait time on the product detail page so you know well ahead before placing an order how long your wait time will be. Additionally;
      • Custom made items such as t-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, totes can take as little as days to as much as 3 weeks.
      • Regular/ sales priced items can take between 2-4 weeks
      • Promotional "just pay shipping and handling" items can take between 2-4 weeks because we use our own secure shipping method.
    • If you have any questions about our shipping times or you get impatient waiting for your order, please contact us and will be happy to help!
      • PLEASE NOTE:  In some cases, shipping may take longer due to various factors (ie; time of year order placed such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other major holidays).  As such, If we have already sent your order we will not be able to issue you a refund.  For more information please contact us.    
  • Can my order be shipped faster?
    • We currently only offer standard international shipping. 
  • Can I change my shipping address after I place my order?
    • We ensure the time between receiving an order to fulfilling the order does not exceed set in house parameters because every minute counts from receiving an order to fulfilling it! How does this relate to your question? Well if your request for change of shipping address comes right before your order is as “fulfilled” then we can make sure we step in to get that address changed for you. However, if you do not notify us within 12 hours of order placement, we cannot guarantee that the address will be updated in time before your item is shipped so please give us the information as soon as possible. We will do our best to accommodate you.
  • It's been over 6+ weeks and I have not received my order yet. What should I do now? 
    • If you have not received your item, please contact us to check on the status of your order and we will look into it immediately.
    • Some examples why the duration of product transit and arrival depends on other factors that are just not within the controls of our awesome bargaining skill such as:
        • incorrect shipping address was entered when you originally placed the order (it happens to the best of us so DO NOT worry about it. We’re here to work it all out with you and we’re always able to find where the error occurs)
        • there was an issue with customs which causes a slight delay
      • Please contact us if you haven't received your order within the timeframe given. We will get it sorted out.
  • Can I have a tracking number?
  • We do not provide you with a tracking number till your order reaches a certain stage in transit. However, if you’ve gotten to the point of contacting us to inquire about your order, then you’re certainly going to be provided a tracking number. Sometimes we even send you a tracking number to your email without you requesting it.
  • I ordered 2+ items, but only receive one, where are the rest of them?
    • We ship all our products from various warehouses globally and as such we try to ship out the products as soon as possible in order for them to reach you earlier instead of consolidating them so you might receive your orders in different packages and different times.
  • Why have I not received any order confirmation details?
    • Most times this is because our customers have accidentally entered their email information incorrectly. Throughout the process we send 2-3 emails, including an order conformation email. We even encourage you to send us an email to let us know how much you like your purchase.
  • Are the "FREE" items really free?
    • YES. The items are absolutely FREE. We run these special promotion because we want to appreciate our customers and sometimes due to warehouse clearance. Rather than discount the product we simply do a FREE offer to get them out faster because storing them up actually cost us money. However, you will need to cover the shipping & handling charges because while we can give our products away free and make a customer happy, our shipping partners do not have a free offer because logistics just does not work that way and we have not been able to successfully bargain with them to work for free J
  • What is your return policy?
    • We don’t want to make you read a longer FAQ by adding the return policy here so, we made a full detail of our Return Policy is available on the return policy page.

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