No Slip Socks Yoga Exercise Socks

  • $8.99

Imagine you're in your Adho Mukha Shvanasana pose, also known as the downward-facing dog pose and then you start to slip and there is nothing you can do about it. If you keep slipping you certainly will lose your balance and for those who sweat on their feet and palms, you know once the sweat starts good luck meditating those pores to a close. 

For the bargain price of $8.99 you can get this anti skid glove socks so you can maintain your pose without the interruption.

This Anti-skid breathable sock gloves are ideal for indoor exercises. Giving your feet firm grip as you do your yoga and other dance exercise. It is an anti-skid glove socks that allows you firm grip on the floor while also giving you full flexibility to control your feet movement. Also ideal for dry feet on slippery floors.

Available in 2 color options.


Material : 100% Cotton
Color: Pink,Black
Function: Anti-skid 
Size: Free Size

Package includes:

1 Pair x Sock



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